Kalen Wong - Product Designer

Creative problem-solver, human-centered product designer, artist. I have a history of leading product breakthroughs by discovering, inventing, and designing experiences that empower and connect with people. I work with both fantasy & reality in equal measure, and believe in applying research fundamentals to inform design.

I work best in innovative environments that nurture invention and on products that call for inventive discovery. I get joy from fostering a supportive environment that inspires and motivates designers to succeed.

Microsoft Inventor Award (Xbox)
Microsoft Gold Star Award (Advertising) University of Washington Capstone Judge's Choice Award (Human Centered Design graduate capstone)

(Focus Areas) Human-centered design, Human-Computer interaction, Visual communication, Cross-group collaboration.

Outside work I use art to create new persectives to life and beauty around us, (www.kalenwong.com) and I develop practical self-defense techniques for women (www.womensmartdefense.com).

From a web designer to support engineer, then a detour to graduate school and returned as a product designer, these experiences allow me to approach problems from different perspectives and depth.
Career history at a glance.