Tactical Deliverables
Collections of tactical deliverables that either have a short turaround time, or projects that are experimental and might have not released to public.
Data center inventory management at Microsoft Cloud Platform.

Prototyping an automation workflow for technicians at data centers.
Graphic for internal use at Google.
Modifiying the existing product logo to create a ninja head graphic for internal use.
Visualizing power data at Microsoft Cloud Platform.
Rapid prototyping for project with moving targets.
Visual design challenge (for interview at Google).
Design for big screens. (Set 2 & 3)
Visual design challenge (for interview at Google).
Design for big screens. (Set 1)
Market Intelligence at Microsoft AI & Ethics.

Concepts for market innovators
Design challenge: Dashboard at Cisco.
Human-centered design project on steriod. 1 week to complete end-to-end design and presentation package for a 2-hour design review.
Animated load graphic at Microsoft Cloud Platform.
Recreated vector graphic and coded in CSS/SVG to keep file weight at ~ 1kb. Image credit: Microsoft.
Illustrations for portfolio

Illustrations to demonstrate projects at T-Mobile

A series of cartoon strips for a start up focusing on providing paid answers.
Illustration for project pitch - Graduate study
Illustration for a one-minute pitch for a travel safety bracelet.
Visualizing relocation factors - graduate study
A data visualization tool to help figure out whether relocation is worth.
Portfolio Redesign
2015 redesign for tablet