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How can I make the Xbox experience more engaging to casual gamers?

Personalized Interactive Profile

U.S. Patent 20130346875
This is a personal project where I turned an imagination into a patent application jointly filed with the Xbox incubation team. As an first-time casual gamer, I found an opportunity to engage and motivate gamers in a brand new way. Lots of what-if questions had turned concepts into an immersive 3D entry experience, where users can use their creativity to build and share with other gamers. This patent application to Microsoft legal received instant attention and was selected by Xbox incubation team to file. The partnership was unprecedented as I worked outside of the Xbox organization.

The rest is history, but the significance of the story to me a a validation to my belief. The belief that vision and actions can create magic, and the sky is the limit. I believe in creating great future and great experience, and this is how I made it happen.

(Left) The sketches I submitted along with the patent application. (Right) Microsoft Project Spark. Image credit: Microsoft.


Described is a technology by which an entity's (e.g., a user's or group's) usage of a digital entertainment service is used to automatically generate an interactive, personalized three-dimensional visualization representing the entity's career on a digital entertainment service. Usage events are collected as profile information, which is processed to generate the visualization, as well as to automatically theme the user's experience. Filtering and prioritization of data within the profile information is performed based on the predicted degree of interest to the entity and to others; the entity may provide preference data to vary the automatically generated visualization and/or theme.
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