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Product Designer and manager based in Seattle. I enjoy designing user experiences and solving problems at scale. Both strategic and hands-on, I have brought innovative concepts to life and continue to use creativity to empower and connect people.

Project specifics & artifacts presented have been modified in compliance with non-disclosure agreements. Comments presented here do not represent the views of the companies.

Image credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics Customer data platform

Latest Microsoft product in the spotlight. Leading end-to-end design effort from sketches in a start-up to a top-rated data platform (by Forrester Q3 2020).
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Image credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise

A feature was ready to rock the IT Pro world in the biggest conference of the year, yet a basic but important message was missing. In this project, I redirected the team and the design by repeating one simple question.

Google Domain Transfer

A lost customer is a lost opportunity. This project at Google Domains combined illustrations and interaction design to simplify a complex user on-boarding journey.
Image credit: Microsoft

Xbox One Patented Design

Long before virtual reality became the talk of the town, this pie-in-the-sky side project was a proposal to replace the unengaging, points-based Xbox dashboard with an immersive 3D environment, where Xbox gamers can create, share virtual space, and visualize their achievements in a brand new way.
Image credit: T-Mobile

T-Mobile Enterprise IT Mobile Productivity Project

Enterprise IT projects are NOT the most visually appealing to showcase, but the appreciation for simplifying complexity, and the opportunity to influence diverse groups in an enormous social-technical system are rewards that are beyond what one can pencil down.

For brevity reasons, only a small set on my projects are showcased on this site. Please reach out if you are looking for something in particular.


"Kalen is appropriately creative, super productive, total team player, and lots of fun. She brings a ton of insight and experience to better our product and helps promote an extremely positive work environment."

~ Principle Design Manager at Microsoft.
"KalenĀ uses humor constructively and display an energizing optimism. She has a 'bubbly' personality that is contagious and makes working with her fun and stress free."

~ Peer at Microsoft.
"Kalen's high integrity and strong ethic are admirable and she shuns mediocrity. Never letting the tools or customers get mediocre service."

~ Manager at Microsoft.